Madonna-Confessions Tour, Up Close & Personal

Madonna has been revolutionary in Music and forgiving in Life's Struggles

 Enjoy The View in Colorado

     A photographer by heart since childhood. Renée created the Nikonic Imagery brand as a platform for showcasing not only her artwork but to develop a platform for colloaborating with other talented artist. Born in New York and raised in Florida she always on a plane traveling to New York during the summers. Flying became second nature to me as did traveling.  My passion for photography was innate. I always had a camera on me since I was old enough to take a picture. When you see something  that takes your breath away because you witnessed something amazingly beautiful and totally instrinsic, you become wiser. I have always felt the need to chronicle my life's journey. From silly pictures of a duck I named as a child to family and friends. All my photographs have an intrisic value. As an adult, I have been fortunate enough to travel to a few very beautiful places. I believe in being an Earth conservationist, an artist, a writer so that if I can inspire just one person to see the world as beautiful as I do, I have done well. 

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