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Meet Renée May the photographer and brand ambassador behind the creation of Nikonic Imagery.
Born in New York and currently residing in Florida, she has developed her passion for photography and letting go of prejudice, creatively explores the unique view she so insightfully portrays in her work. When you see a vivid image of something that takes your breath away because you witnessed something amazingly beautiful and totally instrinsic, you become wiser. For an individual to share a deeper understanding of the world we live in and how we all have a part to play and how humanity over the years has depleted and abanonded their responsibility to protect our environment for the survival of the species. Traveling out of the country for the first time and exploring Paris and than Israel for a seven day tour of the country where she shot over one thousand pictures and each image captured has an identical image of that location just a forty year span in between. comparing two images taken at the very same spot but seperated by  that the earth we thrive on is a living breathing plant. Every photograph of the beaches off the coast of Florida or the A born free-spirit with constant curiousity for knowledge, docum
enting her life like picture book, she strives to help make a difference in peoples lives.  bein


Nikonic Imagery manages all aspects of the implementation process, including design, procurement, project management, testing, training and documentation. During the implementation process, we make sure to work closely with your existing IT team to produce the best possible results.


Our uniquely designed approach to systems maintenance and support helps you to reduce costs by managing your systems with greater efficiency. We provide enhanced system stability with scheduled visits and round-the-clock troubleshooting that's just a phone call or a network alert away.

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