October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and                Nikonic Imagery is teaming up with our community to help  Breast Cancer Research by accepting Donations and or Recycled Laptop Notebook PC's.                                                     If you are like many fortunate families, take advantage of this opportunity and donate your laptop notebooks that are not being used because of a technical issue internally and make it count. For example, if your pc has a black screen, blue screen, no screen, bring your power chord and we will gladly accept the donation. 

Nikonic Imagery is a full-service IT consulting company based in Tampa, Florida. We offer specialized, highly customized technology solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Needing a kickstart as a 'newbee' company, we are asking our community to  donate unwanted laptop notebooks and this will benefit Breast Cancer Research along with donating those devices that can be salvaged to schools are our community in need of computers for the students.


We will also purchase your laptop or Mac Book or recover your deivce for a small fee. The devices do not haveto be in working condition in order for us to accept the hardware.


 Working together for a great cause like Breast Cancer Research  and Underdeveloped Schools, we plan on giving back to our community as a non-profit organziation. We can make a difference!  


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